Our students

develop your creative potential

Our students have all kinds of backgrounds. Some are mothers wanting to start their own jewellery business. Others are designers who are not creatively fulfilled with their jobs.  Others are retired professionals who are finally able to spend their time as they wish. What better gift can you give your children than the means to create whatever they can imagine and develop confidence & problem solving skills at the same time.  

Using your hands to create you own designs, utilizing hard earned skills is an immensely satisfying and rewarding experience. The things you create represent a life well lived. 

Our studio

As well as providing teaching services, Thinking Hand Studios is also the site of a Professional Studio Workshop with a long- standing background in creating products using the skills we now teach.  For this reason we are fully equipped with the tools, machinery and experience to make virtually anything you could think of. We created our courses to give people the means to take their skills as far as they want so they can move forward in their own directions. 

See below for an overview of our studio.

Silversmithing room


Our spacious, dedicated silversmithing room is fully equipped with custom benches, all necessary hand tools, rolling mill, polishing equipment, soldering station, anvils, vulcaniser, kiln and enamelling equipment, delft clay casting and much more.  

Wax jewellery making room


We have all sorts of carving tools and wax welders allowing you to carve whatever shapes and textures you can imagine.  We also have some very useful magnifying equipment for those delicate designs, including a large binocular microscope with USB camera which is very useful for demonstrating fine techniques.

We also have a very large mould collection of designs and blanks which can be used for jewellery building components.

Sculpture room

an emphasis on method

Plenty of sculptures to use as reference for your sessions.  We  have also created a set of reference posters outlining anatomical principals and have a brief e-Book guide to reinforce principals covered in your sessions.   

Digital design & 3D printing room


For those more interested in modern techniques we have a room dedicated to digital sculpting methods and 3D printing. We have a large 3D printer and a Cintiq tablet.  Introductory courses in various software will be available soon.  

For now we are able to guide you through how 3D printing works and print models for you. Many students will use the software to create things such as custom ring blanks, which they then use to create moulds.  

Woodwork machinery & handtools


Our woodworking room is equipped with benches and machinery including a circular saw bench, band saw, lathe, drill press, planer thicknesser,  spindle moulder, industrial sewing machine and more.  We also have a huge range of hand tools. Cal has a professional background in furniture designing, making and conservation.

About us

Cal has a lifetime of experience as a Designer-Maker in wood and metal. He was educated and trained in the UK specialising in Fine Furniture Making following the Cotswold tradition and in addition as a Conservator of Furniture and Decorative Objects. The British National Trust and English Heritage were among his clients.  For a number of years, Cal was a part-time lecturer in the Department of 3D Design at the Shrewsbury Art School, lecturing also on a National Apprentice Training Scheme based at the Shrewsbury Technical College for the Council for Industries in Rural Areas. There he also taught Antique Furniture Restoration.  He emigrated  with his family to Australia in 1989, continuing in his own business as a Designer-Maker, Gilder, Jeweller and Conservator of Antique Furniture and decorative objects.

Cal’s interests lie in the properties of materials, texture, colour and the traditional processes by which ideas are formed into reality.   He believes developing creative potential is essential and the act of creating is what defines us as humans.  He is now dedicated to passing on these skills which he has developed through a lifetime of creative endeavours.

Cal Regan


Hyper-realistic face sculpture

Damian has extensive professional experience in a variety of creative mediums. He has a background in sculpture, architecture, furniture designing/making and jewellery making. His main interests lie in hyper-realistic sculpture, monster making and sculpted jewellery designs. More recently he has been focusing on polystyrene carving & texturing for set design as well as mould making & casting methods for prop making.

In addition to creating his own projects he also teaches these techniques to hobbyists as well as aspiring jewellers and sculptors endeavouring to start their own creative businesses.  He hopes to contribute to the local creative community by providing people with the skills required to make their own products & designs.

Damian Regan