Kids Classes

There are two options for kids classes, both involving 1hr or 2hr sessions at a rate of $25/hr. Sessions will be run if a minimum of three people attend. Close parental supervision is required for children 9 years and under and we encourage parents to stay and join in if there is space.

Please note: Silver casting costs are extra and depend on the size of the object cast. In general, silver is $2 per gram and there is a $5 casting fee per item. The ring pictured below cost around $13.90 to cast. Simply Express Post designs to our recommended casting house and bring the cast items to the final session for finishing (we will explain the process).

Introductory Jewellery Making Course

A two session introduction to the process where kids make their first silver ring design/s. 

Ongoing sessions

Casual sessions available weekly which can be attended as required, where kids can develop and refine their tehniques and learn new skills including:

  • Advanced wax modelling techniques
  • Mould making
  • Techniques for mass production
  • Using 3d printing to create silver designs

Introductory Jewellery Making Course

A series of simple exercises consisting of 2 x 1hr sessions introducing the process of making silver jewellery using wax as a modelling medium. Children will learn each step of the process with simple and fun exercises to make themselves a silver ring/s using an assortment of techniques.

Your kids will see that making their own designs is well within their reach and will open up an exciting future of creative possibility.

There will be 2 sessions to allow time for casting between sessions.

Session 1 (1-2hrs): Creating the design in wax

Children will use moulds and wax to cast a range of different design and ring blanks until they feel comfortable with the process and choose some to create their designs with.

Next they will sculpt, resize and texture these wax copies using basic sculpting, carving and wax welding to prepare it for lost wax casting. This process has been used for centuries and creates a solid silver cast identical to the wax original.

Objects will be wrapped and boxed for posting. Parents can decide how many designs to have cast in silver. They don’t all have to be sent off at once, just one is fine to start with. The average cost of casting a silver ring is $13.90.

Session 2 (1-2hrs): Cleaning up the metal casting.

Now that you have the metal castings, children will learn how to file off casting sprues then sand off file marks and imperfections using progressively finer sandpaper.

Designs can be placed in the tumbler to polish them – this is a machine with tiny ball bearings which vibrate, slowly polishing the surface of the metal. This is a safer option for polishing than a buffer which is a little dangerous for young fingers, although parents are welcome to tackle this if desired. They have now made their first piece of jewellery!

A parent or guardian must accompany their child during the session to ensure safety and to help their child where necessary. A Health & Safety form outlining all potential hazards will be provided before the session. All exercises are very safe but some basic precautions must be observed.