VC-TS03 Video Course: Tube set ring video course


Video Course: Tube set ring course (26 mins)

Making a Stacker Ring with a 3mm Bright Cut Synthetic Emerald

In this video tutorial, we’ll create a stacker ring together using a 3mm diameter bright cut synthetic emerald. The process will unfold at a leisurely pace, with clear demonstrations of each technique in real-time.

This project is suitable for both seasoned silversmiths and complete beginners. We’ll employ a small butane torch to solder both the shank and tube, where the stone will be set. I’ll share tips on extracting the most from limited heat sources, ensuring your jewellery-making journey remains smooth.

Fabrication is an essential skill in silversmithing, and this video showcases the use of two silver solder grades with different melting points, used in separate operations. Tube setting is a remarkably effective method for setting stones, quick, forgiving, and easy to master.

Throughout the tutorial, I’ll guide you through every step of the process, from silver soldering to cutting a seating for the stone, guaranteeing success. We’ve opted for a minimal tool kit, making it an ideal choice for those on a budget or just starting out in jewellery making.

To assist with project preparation, we’ve compiled a list outlining the minimum tools required and the size of the stone and silver needed for a single ring setting. You can source these materials from local jewellery supply stores or online marketplaces such as eBay.

Alternatively we can supply the required silver and stone as a kit to make a single ring.

Following purchase, you will be emailed a link to download the video file. Two options will be provided, medium quality (smaller file)  and high quality (large file) to suit your download speed.


Video Course: Silver Tube Set Ring Video Course (26 mins)


Who is this course for?

This exercise is suitable for anyone wanting to make a silver tube set ring, and learn traditional jewellery making skills in the process. This downloadable video, presented by Cal Regan will take you through each step of the process.


The course: Silver Tube Set Ring Video Course (26 minutes)

Required tools and materials

Required can be sourced from ebay and Jewellery tool supply companies. See below for detailed list.

•Micromotor, pendant drill or Dremel or similar

•Butane heating torch such as the Duratech (minimum) as illustrated in the Video, or larger

•Selection of small buffing mop size to fit Dremel, pendant drill , micromotor or similar

•Coarse polishing powder similar to fine pumice ( not essential) or fine sand paper. 400 , 800, 1200 grit

•Dust mask

•Safety glasses

•Jewellers Rouge

•Dialux fine polishing compound

•Side cutters

•Split mandrel to suit Dremel, micromotor or pendant drill

•Flat needle file fine

•Half round needle file fine

•6 inch medium cut half round jewellers file ( not essential)

•Piercing saw with a selection of fine blades 5/0 to 8/0

•Wooden hand vice

•Mandrel ( ideally steel)

•Sodium Bisulphate or similar for pickle

•Copper tongs for Pickle

•Fine tweezers

•Solder pick (not essential)

•Containers for pickle and water wash

•Flux either Tenacity 4 or borax

•Small brush for flux

•Jewellers Friend traditional finishing powder (not essential)

•Soft cloth

•Engineers square (not essential)

•Tub of Vaseline for bur lubricant

•Hard silver solder

•Medium Silver solder

•Bezel setting punch kit

•Heat proof board suitable for soldering on

•Fire bricks or ceramic honeycomb blocks

•1 x Bud bur 1.72mm ( or near)

•1 x Cone Bur 2.75mm (or near)

•1 x Cone Bur 3mm (Must be 3mm exactly)

Kit of parts can be supplied by us at Thinking Hand Studios $48.00

Part of the required materials and toolkit can be supplied by Thinking Hand Studio. This will include the following Items:

3mm bright cut emerald (created). Please contact for availability

1.5 mm Sterling Silver wire 130mm long

4mm Sterling Silver Tube 4mm long x 1.8mm internal diameter

Additional information

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Silver tube set ring video course options

Kit of materials only, Video Course & kit of materials, Video course only (Download link)

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