Products available soon

A range of products and designs will be available for purchase very soon in the following categories. If there is anything you are interested in please email or call us for prices and purchase options. 

Jewellery designs

Our designs demonstrate a range of different styles and techniques.

sculpture reference models

The reference models are a combination of our own designs and casts of original artworks.

sculpture designs

These designs are all handmade. There are a number of casting options depending on your preferences. Please be in touch with any questions.


We have a number of video highly detailed video tutorials with step by step instructions.  Many more are on the way. If there are skills & techniques you would like to see tutorials for, please be in touch.


This is the brand we sell some of our more darkly themed sculptures & jewellery designs under. These include hyper-realistic sculptures, monsters, skull rings and more.  Visit for more detailed descriptions and purchase options. 

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