Woodwork classes
traditional skills beginner to advanced

Our woodwork sessions have been designed to teach you essential hand tool skills, techniques and construction methods so that you can work towards building up your skills and apply them to your own high quality, hand crafted projects. We have options for both complete beginner and the advanced craftsman. These skills are achievable by anyone willing to put in a little regular practice. The reward and personal satisfaction of mastering these methods and demonstrating them in your own personal projects is immeasurable.

We have two options for woodwork classes;

Option 1: which includes joint making and small projects to apply these techniques, and

Option 2: tailored intensive mentoring sessions.

These classes currently run on one Saturday morning per month with a minimum of 2 participants and maximum of 3 and we offer more sessions according to demand which may also run in the working week. Classes are kept small so that participants can receive maximum attention and guidance.

Please keep in touch and let us know if you would like to attend so that we can book you in as soon as a spot becomes available.

The joint making sessions will take four hours and the box making sessions 8-12 hours.

The cost is $140 inc GST for each 4 hour session

Classes require some planning ahead of time so it is necessary to book 5 days in advance. Payment then secures the place. Please call or email first to check availability.

Should you have difficulty in attending on the booked day and give us 24 hours notice of the cancellation we would be happy to defer the class to a mutually convenient time. This also gives us time to make a place available for an interested person. There would of course be no financial penalty for this.

Up to three so that participants can receive maximum attention and guidance.

Courses run on Saturday mornings 8.00am to 12.15pm with a 15 minute break. There is one course per month however more will be available including weekday times according to demand.

No, we provide tools for you to use in your sessions. A home workshop is ideal so you can practice and benefit from skills gained, however it can be quite a financial commitment. If you enjoy working with wood and want to start your own workshop Cal is happy to advise on the type of bench and tools to buy.

Option 1a

Introduction to woodworking handtools

The course is designed for participants who have no experience of woodworking hand tools and would like to see if the hobby is for them.

It will introduce you to the traditional use of woodwork hand tools by making a joint. This will involve preparing wood using a smoothing plane, marking out and cutting the joint with a tenon saw. Participants will also learn to use chisels safely and the importance of sharp tools. We have several joint making projects which will give an insight into a very absorbing and rewarding hobby. There are several joints to choose from each taking four hours to make.

Option 1b

Skill Application: Making a Traditional Dovetail Box​

The second project is a high quality dovetail box using the hand skills learned during the joint making session. This project will take between 8 and 12 hours.

The average cost of the box kit is $100.00 depending on the chosen wood.

The courses for option A are based around four hour sessions with no pressure in a relaxed atmosphere. Classes will be no more that 3 participants. You can take as many of these sessions as you would like.

The next stage in the journey

Mentoring sessions

We plan to offer mentoring sessions in which interested participants will discuss the prospective project, its design, construction, wood type, and finishing methods before construction commences. This is an essential process which ensures a disappointment free absorbing build with no unexpected problems.

Cal has a lifetime experience in making and designing high quality furniture in the Cotswold tradition. Cal is happy to pass on his experience and guide participants through their own projects. Cal will also assist in all wood machining requirements to prepare the wood for your project.

Above/right: Cal & his former workshop in Longnor, Shropshire, UK 

We would suggest that a home workshop with a bench and basic hand tool kit is a prerequisite for the mentoring course. This would enable the woodworker to work at home taking advantage of advice from the one to one session, returning to Thinking Hand Studios for further guidance and advice on techniques or construction methods.

Option 2a

One-on-one mentoring

We offer one to one tuition which will include discussing the project design and wood preparation together with Cal. The minimum time is 2 a two hour session at the cost of $77.00 per hour inc GST. These sessions will take place between Monday and Friday. There is no limit to the number of hours booked. Times would be by arrangement with 4 days notice. We would ask that you contact Thinking Hand Studios and pay at the time of booking to secure the time slot.

Option 2b

Group mentoring

This session would run just as option 1 but with a minimum 4 hour block The cost would be $140.00 including gst

Please don’t hesitate to be in touch if you have any queries or questions or would like to drop in for a chat. We are here to help and dedicated to passing on these rare and valuable skills!

Fully equipped, specialised teaching spaces & an emphasis on quality tuition​

We provide a friendly, encouraging and pressure free learning environment with an emphasis on providing every student maximum guidance and attention to ensure you leave your sessions confident in moving forward in your creative endeavors.

We have dedicated rooms for different activities & a huge range of tools & equipment.