3D Scanning & Printing

At thinking Hand Studios we can now 3d scan your artworks or faces and reproduce them at different sizes to create ornaments and jewellery.

Our scanner is capable of producing an extremely highly detailed 3d model which we can digitally scale and edit and then 3d print. Our 3d printers will produce a resin print capturing minute detail. These prints can then be prepared for mould making and casting which we can show you how to do yourself in a class

  1. The size of the object to be scanned must be between 10cm and 1 meter
  2. Post editing may be required depending on object 
  3. Scanning time varies depending on the object and can be between 20-45 minutes

3d scanning and printing must be quoted on an individual basis. Please see the examples below and contact us with enquiries. Scanning costs start at $160

Example 1: Medusa Sculpture to Pendant, Earrings & Ornament

Example 2: Using Face Scan To Create Jewellery

Example 3: From Sculpture to Bronze Keyring

Example 4: Making A Pendant From a Skull Sculpture

This video shows several examples, including a sculpted  medusa originally 36cm in diameter which has been scanned and printed a variety of sizes, some for ornaments and some for jewellery. As you can see, all the detail has been captured!

Also shown is a scan of a young girl’s face used to create jewellery designs. These designs could be cast in any metal.

Its also great for scanning artwork as an alternative to creating a mould. Your scan can be used to 3d print a copy anytime you like.