Courses & Casual Sessions in all aspects of Jewellery Making & Sculpture

We are here to teach you how to make the things you want to make!

We provide loads of options tailored to you, in Wax Jewellery making, Sculpture & Silversmithing in the Gold Coast.

Whether you want to start a new jewellery business, upskill in an existing one or learn to sculpt hyper-realistic portraits, we will get you on a structured path to developing your skills in your area of interest and have a load of fun along the way!

Our emphasis is on individual treatment tailored to your interests! 

We have professional backgrounds in everything we teach. Our studio workshop is equipped with a very large variety of tools & equipment we have accumulated over the years catering for all different kinds of activities beginner to advanced.

Choose from a variety of in-person courses as well as online video courses. Our courses can be a few hours to a few days. Browse subject pages for more information or drop us a message!

Do you want to learn a new skill not listed in our courses? You can learn it in an Ongoing Casual Session. Most commonly people attend ongoing casual sessions because there is always something new to learn. Many come once or twice a week and have done so for years!  

We keep classes small meaning people can work on different projects or courses at the same time. We guide you every step of the way!

We have an emphasis on method & technique which takes the anxiety and guesswork out of the process. It doesn’t matter if you are a complete beginner, we will make break down the process for you and make it fun and rewarding!


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Jewellery making

Start building your skills

Our emphasis is on individual treatment tailored to your interests! We understand everyone has their own personal goals, tastes and aesthetic preferences so we will work with you to structure your learning so you can efficiently build the skills you need to make the designs you want!

We keep classes small meaning different people can work on different courses at the same time. We guide you every step of the way!

  • In-person courses in our Burleigh Heads studio every Tuesday, Friday & Saturday 9-3:30
  • Online video courses & Ebooks also available

New to Jewellery Making?  One of these three options might be perfect for you!

  • Introduction to Wax Jewellery Making (3hrs) 
  • The Intensive Wax Jewellery course (24hrs in several sessions)
  • Ongoing Jewellery Sessions (weekly, fortnightly or whatever works for you!)


an emphasis on method

We guide you step-by-step through your project of choice whether it be portrait & figure sculpture, animal sculpture, monster making, or even hyper-realistic sculpture.

Don’t be intimidated! We provide a structured approach aided by plenty of reference models & detailed posters outlining anatomical principals.

3D scanning and small scale 3d printing is also available

Fully equipped, specialized teaching spaces & an emphasis on quality tuition

We provide a friendly, encouraging and pressure free learning environment with an emphasis on providing every student maximum guidance and attention to ensure you leave your sessions confident in moving forward in your creative endeavors.

We have dedicated rooms for different activities & a huge range of tools & equipment.


I don’t usually write reviews, but sometimes a service excels to the point I believe it deserves recognition. Thinking Hand Studios is one of these cases. At 77 years old, I have attended numerous art classes. I have never found these classes to offer the level of excellence Thinking Hand Studios does. The atmosphere, set up, individual attention from tutor, and especially learning of new skills excels any previous class I have taken. I’m an average artist, but want my work to end up top quality. I mostly make wildlife sculptures. Due to being a retired zookeeper, I want my sculptures to be realistic with a high level of detail. I would not be able to produce the quality of sculptures I want without the extra guidance and expertise of this art studio. Damian is an exceptional sculptor himself, but unlike many tutors, he is able to breakdown how to make an intricate, lifelike sculpture into manageable steps so that your everyday person can produce exceptional work. I leave each class having had an enjoyable and productive time.

Patty Sierra

I recently attended a private wax carving workshop with Damian and it was fabulous. Damian is a professional and knowledgeable teacher with a wonderful passion for what he does. The tools and equipment we used was great and the communication before and after the workshop was fantastic. I learned so many new skills and had lots of fun. I can't wait to come back for more sessions and further my jewellery practice. Would definitely recommend workshops at Thinking Hand Studios.

Samantha Starling

This place is amazing. The skill level of Damian’s sculpture skills is world class. Fantastic structure to the classes with a great range of skills to learn in one place. Lucky to have this place on the Gold Coast

Chris Hyde

Had a wonderful day today doing a two hour wax molding session. Have never done any of this before despite dreaming of it for years. Great teacher, lovely space. Very inspiring, can't wait to do more here.

Amity Evergreen

I have weekly sessions at Thinking Hand Studios to learn jewellery making skills and have found Cal and Damian to be extremely knowledgable and helpful and inspiring. They allow me to pursue my own direction and help me learn what I want or I have a more structured class to learn the skills I need.

I have now mastered loads of new skills and am well on my way to launching my own products and jewellery brand. A very friendly and pressure free place to learn. Highly recommended!"


Nessa Modi

Beyond thrilled! I am half way through my chosen course and am so happy I chose thinking hand studios, Damien and the team are incredibly knowledgeable and experienced and best of all HAPPY to share all of that wisdom with his students. I was a little worried given the financial investment as well as the time as I also travel from Brisbane down to the studio - but I have not regretted it for a second in fact I am already planning on what I can enrol in next.

Casey Mayne

The woodwork classes are great, they are held in a relaxed atmosphere under the instruction of Cal who is both friendly and knowledgeable, highly recommended.

Dean Stan