Sculpting & Refining Tool – Large


One of my most used tools for creating and refining my sculptures. The precise curve and subtle coarseness on this hand made sculpting tool is perfect for shaping smoothing and refining.  One of the most important aspects of sculpture is shaping shadows to create strong and subtle anatomical forms with precision and control. This tool along with its variation is perfect for this purpose. It is best used to create and refine your shapes after the initial sculpture massing and will get you do a very smooth surface after which a fine guitar string tool can be used for the final smoothing if desired.

I made this tool out of a personal necessity through trial and error to create the most effective shaping and refining tool for my sculpting style. I hand make these  originally by shaping a small needle file then moulding and casting in brass and fixing in my custom made brass handles.

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Dimensions 3.5 × 3.5 × 20 cm