Momento Mori


Momento mori, a reminder true,
That death awaits all, with equal hand anew.
Like autumn leaves that rustle to the ground,
Our fleeting lives are lost, without a sound.

Size: One available in size 9

Others sizes made to order with 4-6 week wait.

Made from 925 Sterling Silver. Skull Isn’t hollow

Avg Weight: 27g (depends on ring size)

Hand sculpted by Damian Regan at Thinking Hand Studios

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Since I was very young, mythology has always created deep impressions in my imagination and every project is an endeavor to clarify the essence of these feelings and visions.  As I shape each sculpture, I treat every detail with obsessive care. I am bringing to life an other-worldly entity and crafting something that tells a story, holds meaning, and with the hope that it becomes a treasured possession for the wearer. My hands are guided by years of experience and a deep passion for discovery through the creative process and where it might take me.

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Dimensions 3.5 × 3.5 × 2 cm