eBook | Sand Casting for the Jewellery Making Studio


Thinking Hand Studios has prepared an Introduction to Sand Casting for the Jewellery Making Studio eBook.

This module has been drawn up to accompany our introduction to our sand casting course.

This is written and presented by Calvert Regan who has had more than 40 years professional experience as a traditional craftsman.

31 Pages of reference material  primarily designed as a stand alone step by step guide for those wishing to explore and experience this versatile and spontaneous process.

It will take the beginner or experienced jewellery designer maker through all the steps necessary to create a fine casting with an aesthetic only sand casting can offer.
I also include a ‘casting stones in place’ section for those who would like to experiment with that creative possibility and add it to their designs.

This can be downloaded via the links provided when checking out (24mB).

If you purchase this ebook, then subsequently decide to undertake the course we will offset the cost of this eBook against your course enrolment.